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WHO IS THE RSS? The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its plans for the Sikh nation “Sikhs are a panth of the Hindus and not a separate religion” Mr K C Sudershan, sarsangchalak of RSS, April 29, 2000. MISSION AND ACTIVITIES OF THE RSS

• RSS was created over 75 years ago to spread Hindu culture.

• The group is organised through Shakhas, camps where members meet and train.

• The daily prayer of the RSS is sung before Bhagava Dhwaj (Saffron flag), which is regarded as the supreme Guru. No individual is a ‘Guru’.

• The slogan of RSS is ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.

• The mission of RSS is to unite and rejuvenate the ‘Bharat’ nation on the sound foundation of Hindu Dharma.

• RSS is striving for a strong and united Hindu society and the vision of Hindutva.

• The RSS definition of ‘Hindu’ is anyone born and belonging to India. This includes Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. • RSS is opposed to anyone who tampers with India’s unity and integrity. • RSS has 30,000 branches in India and 35 abroad.

• The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat is the ‘Sikh’ wing of RSS with 135 co-ordinating committees in Punjab.

• The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat group was formed in Punjab in 1986 claiming to promote Sikh­Hindu relations. How is the RSS attacking the Sikhs? Over the last two years, the RSS has intensified its attention on Sikh affairs in Punjab. At every given opportunity, it has tried to build inroads into Sikh institutions and attacked the basic Sikh philosophy and way of life.

• RSS believes that the Khalsa was only created to protect Hindus.

• RSS believes that Sikhs are descendents of Kush and Luv, mythological Hindu figures.

• Mr KC Sudarshan, sarsangchalak of RSS, said that the Sikhs are merely a sect of Hinduism.

• During the 1980’s, RSS members stoned Sikhs during Gurpurbs.

• On Jan 5, 2001, RSS made plans to take Sri Guru Granth Sahib into Hindu temples. They wished to place Guru Ji side-by-side with Hindu idols.

• During the tricentenary celebrations of the Khalsa in 1999, the RSS published over 100,000 leaflets in Punjab, distorting both Gurbani and Sikh history.

• Kanwarpal Singh, a teacher of Gatka for 20 years, was recently approached by RSS and asked to shut down his ‘Sher-e-Punjab Akhara’ to focus on training RSS cadets. He refused.

• RSS members read Guru Gobind Singh’s bani in their Shakhas to attract Sikhs. They claim Guru Gobind Singh was a Suryavanshi.

• In their publications, RSS claimed Sikhs were Hindus by using hymns from Chandi-di-Var. In fact, these hymns had never appeared in Chandi-di-Var.

• RSS lowered the image of Guru Gobind Singh Ji by saying he was just a ‘national’ hero of Bharat.

• 50,000 students in Punjab recently took a ‘general knowledge test’ organised by the RSS. This was an anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh test. • RSS recently published a pamphlet called ‘Sada Virsa Sada Gaurav' copying the title of Guru Gobind Singh Circle’s monthly magazine.

• RSS recently distributed pictures of the Gurus on a cow, giving milk which the RSS called Amrit. THE FOLLOWING BRITISH GROUPS HAVE CLOSE LINKS WITH RSS:



Dr. Sukhpreet Singh Udoke has published a 584 page book Tabbe Ros Jagyo – A Reaction to Intellectual Invasions on Sikhism. At page 582 of the book the author has reproduced Policy Programme of RSS quoting the sources. The same is reproduced as under:- (Secret Circular of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh. HO Nagpur)

1. To accumulate maximum amount of explosives and weapons.
2. Caste Hindus be instigated against Muslims and Low Castes.
3. Sense of Hinduism be instilled among the Govt officers
4. Hinduvad be promoted among Medical professionals and the new born babies of Muslims and Dalits be mistreated in such way that they grow disabled.
5. Slogans of Om and Jai Shri Ram be popularised among the children of Low Caste colonies
6. To boycott secular anti-Hindu programmes
7. To promote the interests of traders engaged in drug supplies, intoxicants, gambling, lotteries etc. More and more Hindu festivals be celebrated in Govt offices. To plunder the Muslim and Non Hindu shops during riots.
8. To lure Muslim and Dalit young girls to prostitution.
9. To Halt or slow down the mental and body growth of non-swarn caste children by supplying them harmful substances with the help of teachers
10. To admit SC/ST children in Hindu schools to indoctorinate them with Hindu literature.
11. To defile the sanctity of Muslim and Dalit women during communal riots. Keep the Surat example in mind so that friendship and acquaintance may not become hindrance.
12. To install images of Hindu deities near non-Hindu places of worship and such literature be produced that those are infact Hindu shrines. Please contact with head quarters for further guidance. (This clause is amply illustrated here in Amritsar.
Crores of Rupees are being invested to prove it a Ramayanic place. Please see..
www.punjabmonitor.com/XIX/madanjit.htm )
13. To produce anti-Islam and anti- Budhism literature. Like prove it that Ashok the great was not a Budhist but a Hindu.
14. To destroy anti-Brahminism, Dalit and Muslim literature and not to allow such literature in libraries etc.
15. To violate Govt instruction on fulfilling backlog of SC/STs. ( So that higher caste employees get benefit))
16. To print stickers, calenders and pamphlets of characters of Ramayana.
17. To continues availing the services of Sadhus and Saint babas to keep the Dalits and Backkward classes in blind faiths.
18. To continue the programmes of conversion of Jains, Budhists and Sikhs into Hinduism. Keep Patna model in mind.
19. To continue attacks on Communists and Dalits.
20. To accelerate anti-Mandal programmes. (Mandal Commission had sought justice for Dalits)
21. To create dissensions among caste Hindus and Dalits/Muslims and instigate communal riots.
22. To vigorously pursue Chanakya Niti the political policy.
23. To promote Devdasi Tradition among Dalits. To pursue them create pictures deities where they are shown kissing the damsels. Use of mild intoxicants.
24. Slow piosoning of Dalits and Adi Vasis.
25. To somehow control the media and motivate the editors to Brahminism.
26. To ensure the victory of SC/ST candidates who support Brahminism.
27. To prepare anti-Muslim writers from amongst Muslims and similarly from Dalits. Here make use of the 'secularism' tool.
28. To support swarna caste traders and money lenders plunder the non-swarnas.
29. To have observation over the activities of non-Hindus and keep the head quarter informed.
30. To murder the anti-Hindu/Brahmin and dispose off the bodies in accordance with already laid down policy.
31. To continue meetings of the swayam sewaks on the full moon nights.
32. To blew whistles i.e continue passing on secret messages.
(Note Dalit means – SC/STs and Backward classes as well. Swarn means higher castes like Brahmins Banias, Kshatriyas etc.) (This translator has seen the above programme from other sources as well. But Dr. Udoke has done a commendable job in reproducing the same at a prominent place in the book) page 582 Tabbe Ros Jageo.

Posters, such as the those below, are often distributed by RSS fanatics claiming Sikhs are Hindus. RSS fanatics disrespect the Sikh Gurus, Sikh Beliefs, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib & the Sikh seperate way of life.

Below is a picture of another Poster distributed at the regular RSS rallies in the UK.