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Black Cats

"Black Cats" were basically informants and militant defectors. They were armed by the Punjab police to carry out country-strikes against Khalistan militants. Black Cats are nothing more than organized gangsters that the police collaborated with. They carried (and remnants of them continue to) do all sorts of heinous crimes against villagers such as murders, kidnappings and extortion.

Profile of Black Cat: Jaswinder Kala
The Time of India correspondent Dinesh Kumar describes his interview with this Black Cat of Gobind Ram in the Aug 31 issue as follows:

“Anyone could have easily been mistaken…There was no difference, the same customary dress, moustaches curling upward, suspicious look and most important, an AK 47 rifle in hand with Khalistan written on it, always ready to spew forth fire. The place was Tanda village in Hargobindpur and the person is Jaswinder Singh Kala…who is the head of the Batala police chief Gobind Ram’s personal arm, ‘Black Cats’”

Technically he is a constable of the Batala police but actually his job is to find the terrorists. If they cannot be easily apprehended, his job is then to eliminate them. Jaswinder is called Kala because of his being a Black Cat. He’s the leader of the 11 member secret police which has killed many top terrorists since its formation two years ago. Kalsa’s father Joginder Singh and his brother Lakhwinder Singh have been designated “special police officers” and are a part of his group.

Interestingly, some friends of Kala are also members of his unit even though they are not government servants. Even the police has illegally given them arms. The people of Kala’s village Dana and the neighboring Manasa are tired of his harassing them for money. They say that what he gets from the police is not enough for him.

Jaswinder Kala murdered Major Singh of Khalistan Liberation Force who was considered a right hand man of Jugraj Singh alias Toofan Singh. Major Singh carried a reward of 50 000RS on his head. The next murder was that of Lakhwinder Singh Lakha of Malikpur and his associate Toti. Jaswinder Kala had himself admitted to these and other murders to Dinesh Kumar the Times of India correspondent.

Lakhwinder Singh Lakha was killed at village Purana Shala which is under the jurisdiction of Gurdaspur. But Kala brought his corpse to Dyalgarh village near Batala. Toti had been arrested but was killed after being tortured for several days. The Gurdaspur police chief and Gobind Ram the Batala polie chief had an altercation about Kala’s picking up the dead body and bringing it to Batala. Gurdaspur police chief wanted to get the 100 000RS award but this action of Kala’s and Gobind Ram’s claim of haing killed Lakhwinder Singh Lakha in an encounter denied him of the chance.

How Gobind Ram fabricated this story is also very interesting and was published in the Ajit dated May 16, 1989. “Lakha was killed today in an encounter with the security forces at a drain near village Dyalgarh in Batala district. According to the Batala police chief Gobind Ram, the police received the scret information that Lakha and his associate were hiding in village Dyalgarh. At this Gobind Ram, SP Headquarters Anil Sharma and SP operations Harbhajan Singh led a joint police and BSF operation. On seeing the police party the extremists started firing and the police party returned the fire. After some time one of the suspects escaped while the other was killed. The dead man was later identified as Lakhwinder Singh Lakha.

This is Jaswinder Kala’s contribution to Gobind Ram and the Government for which they had given him total freedom. Kala and his associates went to loot village Kaler Khurd which is under the jurisdiction of plice station Dhaliwal on Sept 10, 1989. They shut off the village’s power supply. After looting Kulwant Singh they went to rob an ex-army man Mahinder Singh’s house. Mahinder Singh’s daughter was to be married and army man and the “Black Cats” claiming to be Khalistanis demanded her wedding jewelery saying they needed it to buy weapons. When Jaswant Kaur, the bride to be resisted, she was beaten up.

ON hearing the commotion the village people gathered around and in order to scare them, Kala and his men opened fire. Their bullets hit and killed Ajmer Singh, Mahinder Singh’s 13 year old son and Jaswinder Kala. The car used by Kala during the robbery belonged to a trader of Batala, in fact Kala’s younger brother Lakha had terrorized the traders. He had a penchant for Maruti cars and would take one away from a trader whenever he felt like it. He could always be found behind the wheel of a Maruti and every Maruti owner was scared of him, fearing their car to be the next target and knowing that they could not do anything as he was under Gobind Ram’s protection. He was called Lakha Maruti.