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-The Tale of a ruthless movement against Muslims & Christians of India

The above picture was taken in 1998 in Bombay.

Little did HinduUnity.org know that when they put up the Official Site of the Bajrang Dal,
it contained a picture of the infamous leader of the movement of HinduUnity.org.
So much for being anonymous!

Who is Rohit Vyasmaan? This question has mind boggled even experts who follow
Hindu militancy in India. Reporters and journalists have scratched their heads and
walked away with half-hearted articles on the mystery man who recently has become
a celebrity in the Hindu undergrounds of extremisms. A man who leads the most
underground and probably the most violent and ruthless movement in India today against
Muslim extremists and Christian missionaries. Yet he remains like a shadow who very
few know even amongst his own group.

Bio Data of Rohit Vyasmaan:

Name: Rohit K. Vysamaan
Born: August 20, 1970
Place: New Delhi, India
Height: 5'11"
Education: [Not known] but sources say he has a degree in Chemical Engineering
Married: No
Current residence: New Delhi, Bombay and State of Idaho (U.S.A)
Profession: [Not known]
Linked to: Bajrang Dal and other Hindu militant outfits, Jewish Kach
and Kahane movement which has been banned from Israel.
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Politics

General Information

Rohit K. Vyasmaan, age 30, most ferocious leader of the Hindutva movement resides
in New Delhi and Bombay most of the year and occasionally returns to the U.S. for
business. With hopes to create a Hindu Nation by whatever means possible, he comes
here to collect funds from NRIs to promote his movement down in India. Vyasmaan comes from a well to do family and was sent first to the
U.S at the age of 13 to relatives in U.S for studies.
He has been going back and fourth ever since.
The story that we have heard is as follows: Rohit became a Bajrang Dal
activist in 1992. His induction came right before the 1992 riots in India with reference to the
Babri Mosque destruction.

His views, approaches and solutions were beyond extreme. His actions
surpassed Bajrang Dals policies, rules and regulations. His rage
and wreckless actions didn't go unnoticed with leaders of the Dal.

After an incident in 1993(which up to this day Bajrang Dal refuses to claim
or accept responsibility) he was put on disciplinary probation and was
removed from further activities. This triggered several members of Bajrang
Dal to follow Vyasmaan. Raj and Sanjay were the two that officially
quit the Bajrang Dal to follow their leader. A charismatic leader, Rohit
continued his activities in spite of being barred from the Dal. In 1994, through some
contacts, he again appeared to have joined the Dal unofficially cooperating
and unifying his plans. It appears that his support for Bajrang Dal has grown over
the last several years as he comes to U.S for the sole purpose of money collection
for none other than the Dal and his own activities in India.

Up to this day, the Bajrang Dal will not comment nor will they admit to the existence of Rohit
Vyasmaan. I had the pleasure of asking the convener of Bajrang Dal Ramesh Mani Dixit
(during the recruitment of 30 lakh kar sevaks) about Rohit Vyasmaan. He never answered
the question but insisted that B.D activists are doing what is neccessary for Bharat.

Every organization especially militant organizations that exist will always have such
ghostly members working hard to promote their activities. I am not surprised that
the Dal refuses to admit to his existence.

Sources close to Vyasmaan say that he travels with his close associates Raj Malhotra
or Sanjay Shah. Raj and Sanjay who both have been linked to extreme
activities in the Bajrang Dal are the closest to Rohit. They have both acted as
consiglieres as well as his strong arm in his carefully planned activities. Rohit appears
to be hard to track down as he travels all over India. This has deluded most
hardcore journalists out there.

Vyasmaans' Background:

Keshav, his father comes from the RSS. A karsevak belonging to the RSS for
almost 40 years. His mother is a housemaker. Both reside in New Delhi. Rohit has no
sister but sources say that his younger brother was murdered by a muslim mob in the 1992
riots. Could this be what fuels Vyasmaan's anger? It could be possible.

Rohit's uncles are all VHP/RSS members. He has older cousins in the Bajrang Dal whose
names are not known.

A HinduUnity.org member in Delhi who wished to remain anonymous describes Rohit as
"hot tempered, high spirited and full of flare".

Why a website? Who runs it?

The website of HinduUnity.org is not exactly run by Rohit but his supporters in the U.S.
and Delhi. Both sides have access to editing and modifying the web site. Although he
has much say in what is displayed on the site, I don't believe he has time to
run the actual web site. He however is one of the moderators of the forum located in the
website known as "HinduUnity - Soldiers of Hindutva, Hot Topics".

The big question is why the web site? Money is the name of the game here. Rohit's
adamant drive to collect funds for the Bajrang Dal and his own activities in Bharat is
the reason for the site we believe. Although the site exposes Islam, it is really meant
for gathering up support from NRIs in the U.S. and U.K for this fund drive. What
exactly is the reason for the money? Guns, explosives and bombs are on the menu.
No other reason. Rohit's crew has taken on the responsibility of fighting Jihad
activities in Bharat. We believe that the presence of the website is generating
enough interest from Hindus all over and supporters are pouring in. A plan that
is working well according to sources.

The web site can be reached at http://www.hinduunity.org

Hierarchy of HinduUnity.org

The whole organization is surprisingly set up like a mafia family right out of the movies.

On 6-11-01, Sanjay Sharma (based in New Delhi) another close associate of Rohit
was given power to run HinduUnity.org (H.U.) as the President. It appears that Sharma is
now responsible for activities in Bharat while Rohit overlooks from above somewhere.
We are not sure exactly how much power Sharma has but he has taken over most of the
activities for the group. Raj Malhotra and Sanjay Shah remain advisors to Sanjay

Avinash Narayanan, Nikeel Sinha and Atul Sen are the lieutenants of the organization under
whom a number of soldiers reside. All are located in India and all are members of
Bajrang Dal.

The latest Lieutenant is Amerendra (last name unknown) in Bombay who was inducted by Rohit
himself. Amarendra, a young fierce lieutenant also has ties to several underground
Hindu groups in Bombay. The above 4 lieutenants in the army of HinduUnity.org are
the main players of the organization all taking orders currently from now the President of
HinduUnity.org, Sanjay Sharma. However, Rohit Vyasmaan is never far from any decisions made.

There are other lieutenants in other countries like Australia and Kuwait but these individuals
have not been linked to any militant actions in their respective countries. We believe that
some of the less known lieutenants of the organization could just be set up as a front to
cover the trails of the master minds of HinduUnity.org. There is just too much cover up
involved. It appears that the folks at H.U. have played the hiding game very well.
Very few except the most trusted aids and lieutenants know the internals of HinduUnity.org.
Inductions and recruitments into this most prized family of H.U. are by invite only. Several
people have tried to get close to the organization but have been unsuccessful. Atul Sen
was inducted into the group because of his so called bravery in fighting against cow
slaughter in parts of India. Lieutenants Sen and Sinha have been linked to several murders
but have managed to hide extremely well.

It appears that people who are welcomed to into the group have to earn their entrance fees.
We are not sure how Avinash Narayan earned his keep into the group. [We will try to find
out and report here]

The soldiers that are commanded by the lieutenants are small time thugs and murdering
patriots of Bharat (India) who will do practically anything. The need for soldiers has
increased in this group as they have tried to expand their activities across the nation.

Members who are inducted into the organization according to Viral Soni (Freelancer and an avid researcher
of Hindutva activities) go through a ceremony of induction and oaths are taken for
commitment towards their country, religion and their own family of soldiers in the name of
Lord Hanuman. Members are treated like their own family. Their pact is indestructible, secret
and extremely underground. For this reason, the organization has eluded the media in India
as well as law enforcement agencies.

How many people are involved with HinduUnity.org? The total exceeds 500 active members
in the organization not counting a very small membership base in U.S. and U.K. Most of them
are based in India whom are known simply as 'soldiers' or 'jawans' under the
command of lieutenants. H.U. is still a growing organization in its' infancy but has managed to
spell terror in the hearts of Muslims and Christians in India. With an indirect support of Bajrang
Dal at its' side, it will no doubt bring about the severest form of Hindu extremism known to India
yet. These folks are wreckless in their actions and in my opinion need to be locked away for

An excerpt from their main web site reads:


What about Bajrang Dal?

The only logical conclusion is that interal H.U. members are and were formerly members of Bajrang Dal.
The support from the Dal is great for this organization no doubt. So is it safe to assume the H.U. is
just another face of the Dal in a more extreme form? No question about it. But the Dal will never
admit to this. Not in a hundred years!

HinduUnity.org agenda in India

Murder, blackmail, bribery, arson, etc., is just the tip of the iceberg. In their hopes for creating a Hindu
nation, H.U. members will do anything. Harassment and attacks of Muslim owned
shops, attacks on Christian missionaries are just part of what they do. Murder and killing
is not new to this group in India. They all follow a motto. The motto in Hindi is known as
'Safaiya' (It means 'to cleanse' ). HinduUnity.org wants to cleanse the soil of Bharat. What
this means is that they want to destroy anything Muslim or Christian in India to regain their
vedic (Hindu) glory. Strong believers in Bharatvarsha and supporters of Godse and
Sarvarkar, they are committed to bringing about a change in India thru their violent actions.

What is it about the Jewish alliance?

This is the first time in history that Hindu and Jewish activists (especially militant in nature) have
come together and joined hands.

I am not sure as it is too early to tell what Vyasmaan has up his sleeve. Both have a lot to
offer each other. The relationship is too new to comment on. But I will update this site
if I learn any new developments between Michael Guzofsky of Kahane.org and Rohit
Vyasmaan of Hinduunity.org. One thing is for sure, they are both fighting Islam and
will no doubt find ways to deal with the problem in a joint venture.

Closing Statements:

Rohit Vyasmaan was written about in the New York Times, Times of India and Rediff
recently gaining much publicity in the media.


Updated: 8-25-01

Vishal Rawal