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Drawing much on Salvador Dali's 'The Elephants'- This shows that far from being something recent; Oppresion has always been around us Sikhs. As one tyrant disappears; another has always been lurking around the corner. Also it shows that whilst tyrants may appear powerful and distant but Waheguru can humble the most arrogant of elephants that stomp the Earth.

Drawing much on M.C. Escher's 'Eye'- This shows how frustrated we all feel as we look at the world around us and with it comes the yearning to add significance to what appears an otherwise meaningless existence.

Drawing much on Salvador Dali's 'Meditative Rose'- This shows the beauty of how Gurbani fulfils the Soul-

Drawing much on Edward Munch's 'The scream'- This illustrates the wail of those bereaved families that had loved ones taken from them in the 1984 pogroms against Sikhs in Delhi, India-

"Betrayal of Sikhs" pictures the Akal Takht, a tank thus using strong imagery from the time of Operation Bluestar-

"Ethnic Cleansing Program v2.01"-