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Bhai Gaura Ji And The Sahibzade Of Guru Har Rai Ji

During one of Satguru Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji Maharaj's visit to rural areas, his beloved family accompanied him. As Maharaj rode his horse, he moved alot faster than his family. To keep up with Guru Ji, the sangat also started moving faster, running after their beloved Father. During thist, Guru Ji's sahibzadas got seperated from the main entourage.

Baba Ram Rai Ji and Baba Har Krishan Sahib Ji were only guarded by a few soldiers. They tried to speed up to catch up with the rest of Guru Ji's sangat. During this time, one Muhammed Yar Khan (the son of Mukhlis Khan, who was killed in battle, by the hands of Satguru Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji Maharaj) noticed that Guru Ji's sahibzadas were only guarded by a handful of soldiers, he thus launched a cowardly lightening attack on Guru Sahib's beloved Sahibzade.

He tried to ambush Guru Ji's Sahibzade in the hope of getting gold, and jewels in the loot and plunder. All knowing Guru Sahib knew what was happening and thus called Bhai Gaura Ji, who was near to behind him. He told Bhai Gaura Ji to take with him a band of one hundred well seasoned warriors of his and go and defeat the army of Muhammed Yar Khan who had ambushed his Sahibazade. With Guru Ji's blessings Bhai Guara Ji and one hundred other soldiers took of at lightening speed.

There followed a fierce fight, in which Bhai Gaura Ji and the sikhs of Guru Sahib fought so fiercely that the army of Muhammed Yar Khan's was cut down in a couple of hours. Bhai Gaura Ji beheaded Muhammed Yar Khan during this battle. The Sahibzades of Guru Sahib were conductly safely back to Kartarpur.

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